At Vinyl Crafters, we’re not just about re-upholstery. We want to help you preserve the upholstery you already have!. The daily bumping and squeezing that the coverings of fitness equipment pads have to undergo is more than what most other upholstered item endure.. Our tailor made, Naugahyde slip on covers take the beating so the original upholstery doesn’t have to. Then, when they become worn out, simply pull them off and slip on a new one! You’ll save time and money, all the while making sure your club always presents a clean, fresh appearance to your members.

The use of Naugahyde is important because it provides a barrier to the very destructive effects of skin oils and perspiration. Fabric covers can’t do that. In fact, because they are absorbent, the fabric will soak up and transfer the oils to the upholstery, thereby accelerating the degradation of the underlying upholstery! Click on the Photo Gallery page, then Fitness to see our covers on a variety of Curves machines. You may not even be able to tell these from original upholstery, but that’s because they really do look like original upholstery once installed, and they stay in place through day after day use!

No-risk guarantee:
We guarantee you will be completely satisfied with our covers! We will replace the cover or give you a a full refund if you are not.

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